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Ohrid, Macedonia


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Dr. Andrey Kehayov / President

Dr. Andrey Kehayov

Assoc.Prof. Andrei Kehayov DM, PhD graduated Medical University of Plovdiv in 1991.
In 1996 received a degree in Surgery at Medical University – Sofia.
In 2002 successfully completed a training course “Forming Health Policy” at CEU Business School, Hungary.
In 2005 graduated Master’s degree in Health Management and in 2008 defense a public PhD dissertation at the Medical University of Sofia with thesis “Strategic Priorities for Building the Capacity of Bulgarian Healthcare in a United Europe”. From 1991 to 2010 worked as a surgeon at the Rudozem hospital.
In 1992, he established an independent professional association of Rudozem district physicians and was nominated a deputy chairman.
During the period 1998-2000 he was elected as a chairman of the District Medical Collage in the city of Smolyan and in 2001 he was elected for a second term.
In 2000 he was elected as a Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association from the 35th Extraordinary Council.
During the period 2000-2002 he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bratan Shukerov Hospital in Smolyan.
At the 36th Regular Council of the Bulgarian Medical Association in 2002 he was elected as a President of Bulgarian Medical Association and remained on this position until 2009.
In 2017 he was elected as an associate professor at the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Faculty in Public Health, Medical University of Sofia. He participates in bachelor and master teaching activities of students from the Faculty of Medicine, specialty “Public health and health management”.
Membership in organizations:
Member of the Bulgarian Medical Association ,
2018 – Chairman of the Doctors’ Association at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University – Sofia.
Member of the Bulgarian Public Health Scientific Union.
Since 2005 he is a President of the Southeast European Medical Forum Association,
Since 2006 a Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Physicians’ Association,
Since 2013 Chairman of the Executive Board of Health Regions Cluster,
2014-2017 Member of the Executive Board of the Bulgaria Business Cluster Association,
Since August 2006, he has been a member of the International Advisory Council on the Reform of the Health System of Ukraine,
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kehayov is an individual member of the International Association for Health Priorities, Birmingham (UK),
An honorary member of the National Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine,
Honorary member of the Macedonian, Georgian and Ukrainian Medical Associations,
Honorary member of the city of Nedelino.

Publications and scientific interests:
He has authored over 30 scientific publications in native and foreign journals in the fields of Strategic Health Management, Health Policy and Management, Risk Management in Hospital Assistance and others, including 5 monographs. He has over 50 participations in scientific forums / international congresses, conferences and symposia/.

World Medical Association Award.
Winner of the highest national awards of Georgia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.
3 Paul Harrison awards from Rotary International.
Honorable certificate for active support of the activity of the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria.
Diploma – “Jubilee Old-Revolutionary Diploma for Special Merits, Integrity and Patriotism”.

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