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FIFTH INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CONGRESS / 10 – 14 September 2014 Ohrid, Macedonia

SEEMF Block General informationThe Fifth international medical congress of SEEMF was held in the period 10 – 14 September 2014, in Ohrid, Macedonia.

The main scientific topics were: Oncology, Diabetes mellitus, Cardiology, Calamity Medicine, Public Health Impact of immunization and vaccine prophylaxis – challenges and priorities.

The Round Table was dedicated to e-health; realities, problems and financing of health systems in SE Europe.

2014 created a new opportunity for the Southeast European Medical Forum (SEEMF) to expand its reach and strengthen its recognition. The Forum accepted a new member – the Czech Medical Association – an organization with 34 000 members. At the opening of the Congress, the president of the SEEMF Dr. Andrey Kehayov pointed out: “Regardless of the political situation we provided the idea that doctors have to stand united because they all have one mission in every country – treat their patients. Communication among doctors is of vital importance to help them improve their experience.” The Fifth Congress of SEEMF honoured some outstanding doctors of Southeast Europe, as well as organisations and structures that supported the Forum.

The Fifth SEEMF Congress also issued a resolution, based on all the reports presented at the Congress, in the fields of oncology, cardiology, infectious diseases, disaster medicine, and immunisation. Because of the vital significance of preventive measures the Congress issued an appeal for the national immunisation calendars in Southeast Europe to be adapted to the best immunisation practices of the European Union, in order to achieve quality protection of children health. Doctors recommended that a certain number of vaccines be introduced to the universal mass vaccination: pneumococcus vaccines, human papillomavirus vaccines, rotavirus vaccines and vaccines against meningococcal meningitis. The underfunded health systems of the countries in Southeast Europe would not secure equal access to quality healthcare. Therefore, all the states in the region should turn the improvement of their health sectors into a topmost priority.

The resolution reflected all issues shared with the participants and outlined in the numerous lectures and reports. Important problems were defined and addressed to the medical associations in respective countries and the institutions responsible for solving such issues. The participation of the President of the Standing Committee of European Doctors Dr. Katrín Fjeldsted allowed for the resolution to be brought to the attention of all European and international medical associations.

SEEMF also adopted a declaration of international significance, in which doctors of Southeast Europe declared themselves against the decision to drop toxic chemicals in the Mediterranean Sea after the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons’ caches. “As professionals we have the fundamental goal of protecting people’s health. Recognising all possible dangers of such a decision we declare that we are categorically opposed to an action that could jeopardize the life of all people inhabiting the area,” the declaration said.

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