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SIXTH INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CONGRESS / 8-13 September 2015 Odessa, Ukraine

SEEMF Block General informationSoutheast European Medical Forum (SEEMF) held its regular Sixth International Congress in Odessa Ukraine from 9.09 to 12.09.2015. The event was organized jointly with the Ukrainian Medical Association, which marked its 25th anniversary.

The Forum was attended by over 750 representatives of more than 15 countries. The President of the World Medical Association Dr. Xavier Deu welcomed the participants.

Scientific reports in the field of cardiovascular diseases, oncological diseases, reproductive health and other socially significant diseases were presented by distinguished experts from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Macedonia, Greece and Slovenia. Military medicine and calamity medicine were among the discussed topics. The participants in the roundtable discussed the aspects of doctors’ professional autonomy.

Dr. Xavier Deu shared the experience of the French Medical Association.

Dr. Andrey Kehayov – President of SEEMF presented the activities of SEEMF and expressed his expectation for significant scientific contribution of the Congress.

Dr. Maciej Hamankevich, president of the Supreme Medical Council of Poland presented the professional autonomy of the Polish doctors and dentists.

During the event a SEEMF Board meeting was held. Dr. Stylianos Antipas from the Hellenic Republic was elected Secretary General of the Forum, with a mandate until 2017.

Four new members were elected in the Board of the organization – prof.Milan Milanov, president of Sofia Branch of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Dr. Anastasios Eksadaktilos -Chairman of Thessaloniki Medical Association and two representatives of the Macedonian Medical Organization- Dr. Goran Dimitrov, Chairman of the Macedonian Medical Association and Dr. Gligor Tofoski. The board took decision that next year the organization will hold two events – one in Georgia and one in the Hellenic Republic.

Dr. Oleg Musii Chairman of the Ukrainian Medical Association and member of the Verkhovna Rada was awarded for contribution to the development of Public Health. The President of the World Medical Association Xavier Due was awarded for his outstanding contribution to the development of international medical cooperation. Prof.Krasimir Gigov, Secretary General of the Bulgarian Red Cross was awarded for contribution to the development of public health. Sveta Katerina University Hospital with CEO Prof. Gencho Nachev, and prof. Milan Milanov, President of the Sofia Medical College were honored for contribution to the development of SEEMF. Dr. Nikolai Tishchuk of the Ukrainian Medical Association was honored with the award for his work in the interest of the medical profession. Dr. Stylianos Antypas – SEEMF Board Member was honored for his active position on environmental protection and public health issues. Acad. Prof. Lubomir Pyrg from Ukraine, Prof. Svetoslav Schnitko, from Belarus and Prof. Ketevan Nemsadze, corresponding member of the Georgian National Academy of Science were honored for contribution to medical science development.

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