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Third International Medical Conference of SEEMF / 13th June – 16th June 2019, Hotel “Kipriotis Village Resort” Kos Island, Hellas

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The Third International Medical Conference of SEEMF on ‘Medical Ethics and Moral. The Hippocrates Oath – Symbol of Medicine” was held in the period of 13th -16th  June 2019 at Kipriotis Village Resort Hotel, Kos Island, Greece. The Forum was attended by academic professors and experts in the field of medical ethics from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia and Georgia and  students  in medicine from Medical University Sofia, Bulgaria. The Secretary General of the Kos Island Medical Association and members of the municipality of Kos Island were among the official guests of the conference. The participants in the scientific program presented reports on current socio-ethical issues related to medical ethics and the basic principles of the Hippocratic Oath and Euthanasia, ethical medical standards used and applied in different countries, and their relevance to European ethical standards. Part of the discussions were issues related to legal ethics and medical liability. Online software platform for telemedicine – national network for communication between medical centers with the use of telemedicine station was presented for a first time at the conference.  The practical application of the system on the territory of Bulgaria through direct online medical consultation with a specialist was demonstrated. During the conference, a SEEMF’ regular Board meeting was held. The Board meeting was open and attended by all of the participants at the Conference. The President of SEEMF – Assoc. prof. Andrey Kehayov released a detailed information on the organizational activities for the Tenth Anniversary International Medical Congress of the organization – 5th – 8th September 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria, the SEEMF’s cooperation and participation in international meetings after the Ninth International Medical Congress of SEEMF in Banja Vrucica, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The particpants in the conferece visited the Ancient Complex of the god “Esculap” – the place where Hippocrates practiced clinical medicine and became part of the official ritual of taking the Hippocratic Oath under the Hippocrates’tree.

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